Friday Spotify Pre-release Playlist!

spotify image

I love Spotify.  It's one of my go-to music applications on my phone and laptop, all the time!  I've found it to be a great way to really enjoy discovering new artists with the related artists section and listening to songs I haven't heard in years that are on actual vinyl albums somewhere in my storage unit.  I like to put together sounds and beats that are similar in various playlists, and did so with one such playlist a month ago for a friend's birthday sail on another friend's boat.  After her iPod finished playing everyone turned to me, yes, they know I've always got some new song I'm exicted about, and asked me if I had anything good to listen to... Silly question, of course I did and thus began Friday Spotify playlist day.  

Here's the playlist for this Friday: (in web link mode) Might be my summer affiar.... (in Spotify URL mode) Might be my summer affiar....  It's a combination of songs from a summer back when I was in college and some songs I've listened to for the past few years and some brand new.  Come listen with me!