The Fabulous White Port Cocktail

Have you ever had white port?  You don't find it many places and when you do, it probably isn't the best of qualities since it's just not found on American shores in great quantities, let alone known about.  However, for what you're going to do with it, you don't need a vintage.

This discovery, given the author speaks of it taking place of a gin and tonic for a summer cocktail, just about floored me.  And the drink itself, definitely did.  Here's the article (click on it to make it full page).

The recipe is so darned simple!  The trick I suppose is simply finding the port.  This is an order ahead kind of thing and one that's worth it.  It would be pretty cool if like all the specialty vodkas, gins, etc., that there would be a rennaisance with beverages such as this.  Guess I better get on setting that trend, huh?  Join me.

Recipe:  In a tall glass full of ice, add one part white port and two parts tonic, garnish with a sprig of mint and a couple of white grapes on a skewer.