The trouble with... tomatoes?


So this was the scene today (8/16/10 - a year ago) at work in the kitchen.   This is the table where anything anyone has to share food-wise, brings it in and sets down.  Today, apparently, tomatoes have taken over, kind of like Tribbles.  This is just about the best time of year around here as a month ago it was zucchini, now it's tomatoes, and soon there should be some corn and summer berries.  This is what I'd miss most about working in this office in this relatively rural county.  Fresh produce!  Awesome.  If only I had a big kitchen and knew how to can vegetables, I'd make up all kinds of sauces for winter plates of spaghetti...


on 2012-01-09 19:32 by calix

Yeah!  I do have a big kitchen now, now that I've moved off of CALIX.  Perhaps come summer, I'll try my hand at making some canned tomatoes and sauces.  Stay tuned.