Found a Great Food Site!

smashed pea guacamole

I use Google Reader and have a bunch of websites that I follow and have put in various folders to organize the lot of them as I don't even know how many I've collected over the past few years.  I've got everything from sailing sites, news, sports, music, tech, opinion, etc., and of course food.  I clicked on the food folder the other day and starting looking through the feed headlines and saw one that struck my interest and am really glad that I did click on it and discovered a new favorite recipe site.  It's called Gojee.  If you don't practically start drooling when you look at the site, your taste buds must be non-existent.  

My first search or rather as they term it "craving" was for avocados.  I can't wait to make two of the recipes that I found.  Wow, everything looks so fabulous and healthy!  The recipes are aggregated/curated from all over the internet from blogs, chefs, etc.  Here's the recipe for the picture I've used in this post. There's not a smartphone app yet, but they say that's suppposed to come in time.  As for the site, you can enter in what you have in your kitchen and the site will find recipes or you can enter foods you dislike and the site will avoid those.  It's really pretty brilliant.

I am quite sure that there's going to be some experimenting and serious cooking based on recipes from the site.  Brad is already looking forward to a radish salad and a steak taco.  I better get going!


on 2013-01-28 21:24 by calix

Gojee now has apps for iPhone and iPad.  No Android or Windows8 yet.  And now Gojee is not just food, but also drinks, jewelry, and fashion.