How Brad and Holly met.

this is Your Life

I stumbled across this poster and I can honestly say that the part about doing things you love is absolutely true.  Brad found me after I  found my love of racing.  Of course I already loved sailing, but had never tried my hand at the racing aspect and so I asked around and a few people set me up on various boats for various races.  Before I go off on a tangent about racing, it's true that you need to find what you're passionate about and do it!  I love golfing, although boating has captured my weekend time for now.  I enjoy jogging with my dog, but since back surgery, I find myself walking or doing the stair climber more often.  I love music - and you'll be privy to a bunch of my playlists via Spotify.  And I can't wait to hang with my nephew whenever possible.  He always makes me smile!  I know it's not every day that it's all fun and games and easy and simple to be creative and open and all that this poster says to do, but one little thing, even if it's enjoying a bite of food or taking a different road home can make a difference.  Just creating this blog for the world to read is something I can chalk up to doing and feeling good about.  Now it's your turn.