Lightning storm in the Atlantic.

Here's an interesting follow up to the first log entry about our boat return from Newport to Annapolis the other week.  And I have Bob to thank for capturing it on this video that he took.  So to recap, we were helping to return our friend's boat, Schematic, back to Annapolis after the Annapolis-Newport race and went through a pretty intense storm.  You'll see Brad (doing his wave thing) at the helm, hear Bob narrating the video, and I'm just (supposed to be sleeping) standing in the companionway.  It was the most incredible light show, we agreed, that any of us had ever seen.

We knew we were going to get some weather based on the GRIB reports and what we could just barely get on our weather apps on our phones.   We were off the coast of New Jersey and had been able to see Atlantic City in the distance while there was still some light.  Turns out it was quite a horrendous evening for those in DC and MD.  I was told that there had been some serious wind gusts, nearly tearing some of the covered slip roofs off in the marina where I had CALIX.  Scary!

As you can see, those storms came right over us about 11:30PM on a Friday night, and while the wind wasn't bad, almost none really so the rain was straight down, the lightening and thunder were wow.  Sadly the video doesn't really do the storm justice, but just the shear number of flashes sort of tells you just how frequent the lightning was happening.  And it was all around us.   Flashing down, up, over, across, connecting with the shore from the ocean.  I think Bob's narrative says it all.