The Monty Python-esque lighthouse.

14ft bank light

I'm excited for this first log entry!  It's kinda great too that it starts with a story about being out in the blue.  The only thing I'd change is being on CALIX instead of Schematic with Bob, but I'm not complaining!

Just this past week we were sailing, well motoring against the current up the Delaware Bay, helping Bob bring back his boat from the Annapolis to Newport race.  It was approximately 0630 Saturday morning, and it was already rather warm and the hazy air and languid water were nearly the exact same color.  Toss in a really old funky looking lighthouse and it was a pretty cool setup, so much so that I thought it reminded me of one of those cartoon type scenes in a Monty Python sketch where something is floating in mid-air for no explicable reason, other than to look funny.

This is Fourteen Foot Bank Lighthouse. It's the third structure on the port side for navigation if you're headed north in the Delaware, and one of the cooler looking lighthouses, all of which are unique.  I'm looking forward to my next trip up the Delaware, but hopefully I'll get to have the current and wind with me.