Christening CALIX


Searching through the many photos of CALIX, I found this lovely and attractive photo of me (not so much with that silly hat) about to break a bottle of bubbly on the bow.  The bottle smacked along the the toe rail above the fiberglass and shattered within the mesh holder.  Me and the boat were fine, and continue to be to this day, a little over 4 years ago.

I was soooo nervous!  I was envisioning the scene from Caddyshack...  But it all went well.  Whew!  Since I'd gotten the boat in the middle of November, the christening ceremony happened in winter, so hence the full winter gear.  I'd actually been out sailing that very day with a friend from Savannah, I think it was some time in Janauary, but I forget the date and the photo details are missing.  Anywhooo...