Early moonlight cruise.


While Brad was at the sailboat show with his buddies, I grabbed High Ball and took her for a ride and   brought Haydn along with me. What a beautiful evening. I did some reconnaisance in the channel that has been shoaling up pretty badly over the past couple years and noted where the best depths were for when I want to take CALIX out for a sail.

I also logged onto SailNET and posted or responded to a entry about the channel's shoaling and then I logged onto ActiveCaptain and added a notation to the chart for the Kent Narrows where I specifically found the shoaling problem to be worst.

I hope that will help other boaters as they navigate through! I probably looked a bit silly going back and forth and circling around, but I have a little better understanding of just how bad some parts are and where I need to be myself as I travel the channel in the future. I think the moon and the sunset that accompanied were worth the effort.