Worth recreating, but not entirely?


Prone to try most anything, I think this would be something worthwhile, but story first.  You've maybe heard of Sir Earnest Henry Shackelton and his exploits exploring the South Pole.  He is famous for his attempt to cross the Antartic from sea to sea via the Pole.  While he failed at the attempt, the story or rather the outcome, is what he is now famous for.  

His ship, the Endurance, became trapped in the ice and was slowly crushed before the landing party made it to shore.  The entire crew escaped onto the ice and eventually landed on the uninhabitated/able Elephant Island.  Shackelton and a few others eventually took to the life boat and made it back to where the Endurance had started, South Georgia Island.  Shackelton then began a rescue effort for the men remaining on Elephant Island.  No lives were lost!  


So here's the part where I'm excited for discovery but wary of recreating something that didn't quite work out...According to this article, Shackelton enjoyed drinking whiskey and there was some made and bottled just for his Edurance expedition.  And just like finding gold buried at the bottom of the ocean, three surviving and incredibly preserved whiskey bottles, which were discoverd in the permafrost at the base camp, were discovered last year.  A bottle was thawed and tested and then recreated, label and all, and now is available to drink minus the whole South Pole, ice, sinking ship part. I'm sure having a bottle aboard CALIX and not going anywhere near the Antarctic will probably be OK.