Now that's a Rainbow!

Yesterday was just an early Fall sail on a Friday afternoon after work.  The weather was supposed to be partly sunny with a light breeze, and considering we'd just come out of nearly 3 weeks straight of depressing rain, we weren't going to let anything stop us.  So the crew gathered, the usual suspects, on Schematic and off we went and within 5 minutes of leaving the dock, rain.  We could see the sun, but it wasn't over us.  A cold front was pushing through and we were going to get wet.  Forging ahead we passed a friend's boat heading in and put up the main and fell off on a port tack straight out into the middle of the Bay.  We rolled out the jib, tacked, and hunkered with our cocktails getting watered down.  We turned up the music and continued to sail with some nice wind coming from the front at about 18 knots.   So as we sailed and the rain began to taper, a color in the sky started forming north of us by the Bay Bridge and we watched as the most incredible rainbow grew and eventually arced over us and down onto one of the many anchored cargo ships south of us.  We were right in the middle of a massively perfect rainbow and then a double rainbow began.   The colors were intense and vivid, ROY G BIV in all its glory.  Such definition and being able to see violet!  The wind started to fade and we were left with a slight breeze to limp back into port, but not before we were treated to a warming, glowing sunset.  So, as much as sometimes you might think the weather is off putting, being out on the water almost always has its rewards.  I can't help but smile with the giddy narration by Brad and Kate!