Welcome to CALIX Sailing

This little slice of the innerwebs pie is about a sailboat named CALIX and the adventures of her crew sailing across, as we like to put it, "the seven seas of separation."

Come aboard and join us for stories about pretty much all things water related with the crisscrossing of time and people we meet and how small and connected the world of sailing really is.

One tiny thing: CALIX exists in many forms, which is to say she may not exist at all, at least not in a form we can actually go down to the dock and hop on to go for a sail as currently we don't own her.

However, in our hearts and in our minds she's there, waiting in some marina or yacht yard for us to find her again as we're on the second beginning for the old saying that goes something like, " the two best days of a boaters life are the day they buy a boat and the day they sell it."  


So who knows what form CALIX will take?  Let's find out together.